The Second Hutch

Thanks for visiting my Live Journal! I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and left home to go to Blacksburg, Virginia for college and where I've been ever since. I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, but my career has been pretty much all software and I currently run the development office for a small software company. When at home, I spend much of my time cooking, playing D&D or board and card games, playing World of Warcraft, and catching up on my various tv addictions.

I'm also a travel addict and go a bit stir-crazy if I go more than a few months without an interesting vacation. My favorite places for a comfortable vacation are London, Los Angeles, Tucson, and Disney World, though I've enjoyed traveling all over the world (Bangkok, Beijing, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Cairo, Madrid, and Quito to name a few).

Getting there is part of the fun, as I'm a fan of trains and commercial aviation too. I miss getting to chase steam train excursions back when Norfolk Southern ran them in the 90's -- there's little that has been as exhilarating. On the aviation side, I've loved flying and watching planes since I was so high, and I managed to score one of my long-time dreams of flying on Concorde to London back in her last year of operation.